Our Story

Most people think they spend time in the gym working off chocolate. But what if that chocolate indulgence actually helped you stay fit and focused?

That question crossed our minds a few years ago as brothers and personal trainers on a never-ending quest to find the perfect pre-workout snack. Hustling around from one session to the next in New York City, we searched for a healthy yet convenient elixir that would provide a sustainable energy boost, fill the gap to our next meal, and improve our mental fitness and physical performance. 

The problem was that the majority of products on the market are filled with unpronounceable ingredients, caffeine, and sugar. Providing a rollercoaster ride of energy, only to result in a crash. And where do we even begin with protein bars? Between the artificial taste, the unappetizing texture, and the unhealthy sugar alcohol they contain, they're not exactly an ideal choice.

With everyone on the run in this fast-paced city, our high-performing clients always questioned what they should eat before their next workout. So, we set out to find a solution for ourselves and our A-list celebrity clientele who needed to perform at the highest level while transforming their bodies into the iconic characters in Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. 

That's when we discovered the powers of dark chocolate. 

With just enough fat, carbs, and calories to simultaneously satisfy hunger and improve performance, dark chocolate was the answer. As it turns out, raw cacao contains theobromine, a natural stimulant that provides balanced energy without the jitters. It also possesses natural antioxidants, mainly flavonoids, that positively affect mood, preserve cognitive abilities, and improve blood flow. All ideal benefits before exercise. 

Our a-ha moment? Realizing dark chocolate could be the perfect vehicle for energy, focus, and recovery with the addition of a few performance-enhancing ingredients. So, we continued digging through the research, unearthed some powerful ingredients, and put them all to the test, with promising results.

From there, we scientifically crafted our own holistic formulas for dark chocolate with electrolytes and functional mushrooms. No, not just your ordinary mushrooms, but ones that have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine and scientifically proven to help your body adapt from physical and emotional stress. These talented fungi offer all-day benefits for everything from morning workouts to afternoon energy dips to easing into the evening. 

With a formula ready for production, we teamed up with a bean-to-bar chocolate maker to execute our vision of organic, plant-based, and ethically-sourced ingredients that did not compromise on efficacy nor taste. With that, Culture Choc’s functional chocolate was born. 

You probably wouldn't expect two personal trainers to know their nibs from their cacao nuts when it comes to fine chocolate. But we did the legwork, and not just squats, to perfect these shockingly nutritious chocolate bars that will improve every part of your day. Whether you need energy, focus, or relaxation, we want Culture Choc to be a favorite daily ritual. Let each delicious bite melt in your mouth and act as a catalyst to a better you. 

If life is like a box of chocolates, we're here to stack the deck to give you only the best.